Friday, 3 September 2010

Day 15 Rest Day in Glasgow


  1. Gary:

    You are making amazingly good time. Before postponing my walk, I was to leave JOG on July 3 and arrive at Kirkintilloch (distance equivalent to Glasgow) on July 23 - which I considered a reasonable ambitious pace. You've done the distance in just over half that time. It must be the difference between sitting behind a desk and delivering milk!

    If you can continue your pace, you will have caught up with me by Land's End. I'm glad I postponed.

    Seriously, stay healthy, enjoy the walk, and keep the postings coming.

    All the best

    Ken Klug

  2. Hi Ken,

    Thanks very much, it's gone very well so far. But I know as well as anybody else that this is a marathon, not a sprint, there's a very long way to go yet. I prepared very thoroughly and trained for months, hopefuly that's paying off. 10 years of milk deliveries in my legs are a very good foundation.

    I hope you are recovering well. Next year the roles will be reversed and it'll be me following your JOGLE day by day!

    Best wishes



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