Sunday, 19 September 2010

Day 30 Sandwell to Redditch

Saturday 18th September 2010

While I was in Birmingham yesterday I bought two new pairs of socks to replace a couple of pairs that were getting worn out. The new ones are guaranteed not to wear out and prevent all blisters for at least 1,000 miles, we'll see, I started wearing them today.

After returning to Sandwell & Dudley railway station I continued my journey south through the West Midlands conurbation, the weather was perfect for walking. The first mile or so took me through industrial areas and under the M5. After that I found myself walking for several miles through affluent looking residential areas. It was all wide avenues and well kept semi-detached houses, quite different from the somewhat tattier areas I'd been passing through since Cannock Chase. I took my only break of the day at Northfield, enjoying lunch in the sunshine.

Not far south of Northfield I finally left the urban area when I entered Worcestershire. It was nice to get back into the countryside and have rural scenes to look at again. I decided to take the quickest route to Redditch, walking alongside the A441. On arrival at the Milk & More depot I met Brian, a very pleasant fellow. From there I had a quick look around the town centre before enjoying a very special moment. My partner Lea, who I haven't seen since I flew from Southampton Airport more than 4 weeks ago arrived to meet me. Sunday will be a rest day for me, spent with Lea.

On Monday morning I will resume walking from Redditch. My target will be Worcester as I begin to head towards the South West of England. By then I will be wearing my third pair of boots on this journey, I had a spare pair on standby at home that I've asked Lea to bring. They're identical to the pair that got me through Scotland completely trouble-free and I'm hoping this pair will get me the rest of the way to Lands End in similar fashion.

GPS data click here

Mileage today; 16.48 miles, walking time 4 hrs 1 min, average walking speed 4.1 mph

Weather; sunny spells and a cool breeze, max 16C

Cumulative mileage; 641.53 miles

I had pleasant avenues and good weather to enjoy this morning

After passing this sign I re-entered the countryside after a couple of days in the city

In Redditch I saw this MacMillan shop

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  1. I hope you enjoyed your time in Sandwell and had chance to sample the diversity and heritage of the area!

    A Sandwell man by birth and Sandwell Council Officer by profession.


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